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In Timor-Leste, adolescent pregnancies and early marriages are prevalent. In 2016, 20% of young women reported having given birth before they turned 20 (i.e. during adolescence) and 15% were already married before 18. The World Health Organization however recommends avoiding teenage pregnancies since they can cause severe health problems for both the mother and child. Moreover, maternal mortality of adolescents is twice as high as the national average, and children born of teenage mothers are more likely to have a low birth rate, be born preterm – or die before the age of five.

Recognizing that it is vital to equip young people with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to ensure all adolescents and young people are aware of their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), well-being and dignity, and empower them to make informed choices and decisions, Comprehensive Sexuality Education should be introduced and made available.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is not only about sex; it is aimed at equipping young people with relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to determine and enjoy their sexuality. It helps young people to acquire accurate information on sexual and reproductive rights, develop life skills to make decisions and take responsibility and nurture positive attitudes and values toward their sexual and reproductive health. Issues such as preventing unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion and sexually transmitted infections (STI) including HIV/AIDS can be addressed through age specific sexuality education and promotion of responsible and healthy reproductive and sexual behaviour.

In this light, UNFPA in collaboration with the Secretary State of Youth and Sports adapted international CSE standards, contextualized in Timor-Leste cultural setting and developed a training manual, Healthy Relationship, in 2020. This manual aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of young people to constructively involve themselves in important subjects and to strengthen positive values based on international standards. The 1st batch of Training of Trainer(ToT) was carried out in December 2021 with youth representatives from 11 municipalities in Timor-Leste.

Scope of work:(Description of services, activities, or outputs)


The National Consultant will collaborate with State Secretary of Youth and Sports and produce the following deliverables:

1) Review and update the current ToT programme

  • Ensure the current 9 days of ToT program (PowerPoint slides) covers all Healthy Relationship contents with contextual examples.
  • Strengthen the facilitation skill part of the current ToT program including different facilitative teaching skills.
  • Develop pre and post-tests to evaluate the knowledge, teaching skills and attitude of the trainee to be a youth facilitator.

2)  Develop and print Job Aid (teaching materials) for youth facilitators to support roll-out of Healthy Relationship to community youth group 

  • Develop a Job Aid of the Healthy Relationship based on the updated training module developed to guide the youth facilitators to teach the CSE to youths in the community more effectively and with greater sensitivity.
  • Provide youth facilitators with technical inputs and relevant resource materials on the he Job Aid should be based on and aligned with the following guidelines and resources:
  • Healthy Relationship (SSYS and UNFPA).
  • Learning Now, Learning New, Learning Next; Orientation of Teachers on the Awareness on CSE (UNFPA, 2017) Comprehensive Sexuality Education for out of school young people: Facilitator’s manual (UNFPA, 2017).
  • Deliver + Enable Toolkit: Scaling-up Comprehensive Sexuality Education (IPPF, 2017).
  • The Evaluation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programmes: A Focus on the Gender and Empowerment Outcomes (UNFPA,2015).

3) Conduct a Healthy Relationship ToT in RAEOA and Baucau Municipalities

  • Deliver ToT on Healthy Relationship in RAEOA and Baucau in coordination with UNFPA Timor-Leste and SSYS.
  • Conduct pre-and-post-test to trainees to assess their knowledge, teaching skills and attitude as a youth facilitator.
  • Facilitate and monitor the demonstration of roll out of Healthy Relationship by youth facilitators and provide technical feedback.

4) Provide a technical support to youth facilitators to develop a follow-up plan to roll out the Healthy Relationship


  • Provide technical support to youth facilitators in developing roll-out plan to engage with young people at community level in consultation with SSYS.
  • Methods will include desk review, consultation with SSYS, direct observation, report writing, resource development, and presentation.  

Duration and working schedule: 21 working days between 15 May between 15 July 2022 including trip to municipalities.


Place where services are to be delivered:The consultancy will be home-based with travel to RAEOA and Baucau Municipalities.


Timeline and Estimated Working Days: 


                  Deliverable 1: 20 May 2022, 1 working day (15% of Payment)

  • Submission and presentation of draft Healthy Relationship ToT programme review in Tetum and English.

                  Deliverable 2: 27 May 2022, 2 working days (20% of Payment)

  • Submission of final Job Aid in Tetum.
  • Submission of final healthy relationship ToT programme in powerpoint format including pre and post-test in Tetum.

                  Deliverable 3: 2 Jun 2022, 15 working days (40% of Payment)

  • Conducting Healthy Relationship ToT in RAEOA and Baucau.

                  Deliverable 4: 7 Jul 2022, 1.5 working days (15% of Payment)

  • Submission of Healthy Relationship roll out plan to SSYS in English and Tetum.


                  Deliverable 5: 10 Jul 2022, 1.5 working days (10% of Payment)

  • Submission of final report on Healthy Relationship ToT with recommendation and lesson learnt in Tetum.

Monitoring and progress control, including reporting requirements, periodicity format and deadline:

Regular consultation and sharing of information and documents with the UNFPA Gender team will be conducted. The consultant will submit a daily log including the details of working days and tasks along with the deliverables.


Supervisory arrangements:The consultant will work under the direct supervision of Mihye Shin, Youth and Gender Officer and in close coordination with the Youth and Gender team at UNFPA Timor-Leste.


Expected travel: Travel to Municipalities (RAEOA and Baucau) is expected.



Required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements: 

                    Minimum Educational Qualifications and Experience:

  • Master’s Degree in Education/ Public Health/ Social work/ Gender and Women studies/ Social Science or related areas with minimum 2 years of relevant working experiences.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in the above-mentioned area with minimum 5 years of relevant working experiences.
  • Working experience in training, capacity building, or implementation of youth engagement or social behavioral change project/ programme.
  • Technical knowledge of gender equality, youth in Timor-Leste, and social and behavioral changes.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Tetum, knowledge of English would be an added advantage


Skills and Competencies:

  • Proven knowledge of Sexuality Education, gender equality, sexual reproductive health, youth issues in Timor-Leste required.
  • Experience in capacity building of youths, developing training curriculum, and implementation of youth programs, especially in the health sector is an asset.
  • Experience working in a youth-led organization in education and CSE, HIV&AIDS prevention, sexual reproductive health or related field will be an asset.
  • Experience working with/ in the UN system is an asset.


Functional competencies:

  • Delivering result-based programs.
  • Providing conceptual innovation to enhance and strengthen programme effectiveness.

Inputs / services to be provided by UNFPA or implementing partner (e.g support services, office space, equipment), if applicable:

UNFPA will facilitate the communication between the consultant and Timorese government and provide