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Dili - With the attendance of health workers from all over the country, the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund, and the Catholic Church, conducted the first national seminar on Family Planning.

The event, which had as theme "A Healthy Family is a Hope for our Future", took place at the Institute of Health Sciences on Tuesday 15th December 2009.

"This national seminar on family planning is an important step for the Timorese. The management [by the Government] of economy and education is important but even more important is the management of our human resource", said Jose Luis Guterres, Vice Prime Minister, during his intervention in the event.

Likewise, the Vice Minister of Health, Madalena Hanjan, in his words to journalists said that this family planning seminar is part of the maternal infant health programmes, which provides important health information to mother and child in order to look after their family's health at home.

"Family [planning] health is important for Timorese individual lives within the family and communities, since we are now forming a [new] nation. Therefore, there is a need from the Government to take actions on how to control the population as well as guaranteeing healthier way of living." said Hanjam.

The event was also organized in collaboration with local and international NGOs working on Reproductive Health issues.