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Domin ho Kondisaun (Conditional Love)

Presented by Estrela+ and UNFPA Timor-Leste, Domin ho Kondisaun (Conditional Love)  is Timor-Leste’s first documentary on HIV. The video features interviews with people living with HIV in Timor-Leste, representatives from the Ministry of Health, the National HIV/AIDS commission, and various organizations working on HIV such as Maluk Timor and Bairro Pite Clinic.
The documentary aims to reduce the stigmatization and discrimination of people living with HIV through shedding light on their situation and experiences. Furthermore, this documentary aims to disseminate correct information on HIV means of transmission, testing, and means of prevention. 
Aprezenta husi Estrela + no UNFPA Timor-Leste, Domin ho Kondisaun ne'e dokumentáriu dahuluk kona-ba HIV/SIDA nia situasaun iha Timor-Leste. Pessoal iha dokumentariu ne’e inklui ema ne'ebé moris ho HIV iha, reprezentante sira husi Ministériu Saúde, komisaun Nasionál HIV/SIDA, no mos organizasaun sira seluk ne'ebé servisu iha area kombate HIV/SIDA, hanesan Maluk Timor no Klinika Bairro Pite.
Dokumentáriu ne’e nia objetivu atu hamenus stigma no diskriminasaun ba ema sira ne'ebé moris ho HIV, liu husi fahe sira nia esperiensia rasik ba sira-nia situasaun. Nune’e mos dokumentáriu ne’e hatudu ho objetivu atu habelar informasaun loloos kona-ba transmisaun, teste no prevensaun HIV/SIDA.