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It is important to consider those most vulnerable and deprived of learning and ensure they receive the
access to education they deserve. Simply stated: all children form an integral part of a country's future
development and therefore all should be educated. To protect the right of every child to an education, it is
crucial to focus on the following components4:
- Focus on early learning in order to construct a foundation in which young children are prepared
to attend school and start learning at the right age;
- Ensure that there is equal access to education. For those who do not have access, such as girls,
children with disabilities or those who are discriminated, find ways for them to do so;
- Ensure that children in conflict or disaster-prone areas and emergencies can continue accessing
an education;
-Enhance the quality of the schools by making them safer, healthier, more inclusive and with
teaching directed towards essential knowledge and skills;
- Create partnerships to ensure there is sufficient funding and support for education for all;
- Building a strong education system which responds to the needs of communities and is
innovative, effective and transparent.