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Mobility has long been a coping strategy for people in order to increase their opportunities,
“driven by the desire for a better life” . Whether to find better jobs, access quality services,
escape poverty or insecurity, millions of people in Asia constantly leave their home village to
go to big cities , becoming internal migrants. Worldwide, rural youth between the ages of 15
and 24 years represent the largest group migrating to urban areas . 
In Timor-Leste, Dili City has long been a destination for internal migration. Census data shows
that 30% of the population of Dili in 2015 had not been born there. Over 70% of people who 
moved between municipalities between 2004-2010 had moved to Dili. Like in other countries, 
migrants were more likely to be young (in 2010, 43% of migrants were between 15-29 years
old and 28% between 15 and 24 ). 
This brief specifically looks at the situation and vulnerabilities of youth who have migrated to
Urban Dili (Dili City) from their home Municipality . Additionally, Belun conducted six FGDs
among young Dili City migrants . Finally, a literature review provided additional evidence to
this situation analysis.