UNFPA Timor-Leste handed-over the database system on youth programs to Secretary of State for Youth and Sport (SSYS)

15 August 2016
Dra. Domingas Bernardo (UNFPA's Assistant Representative) handed-over the database system to Mr. Metodio Caetano Moniz (SSYS's General Director).

On Friday 12 August 2016, on the International Youth Day, Dra. Domingas Bernardo (UNFPA's Assistant Representative) handed-over the database system to Mr. Metodio Caetano Moniz (SSYS's General Director). The handed-over ceremony took place at the office of SSYS, Bidau Lecidere. Many youth activities have been planned, organized, and implemented by different youth centers in collaboration with partners, however, there is no online system that capture and provide information to SSYS, partners and public on what have been done and future activities. Therefore upon the request from SSYS, the database system was developed and it took about two months to finish.

Advantages of the used of the database system are it will be able to monitor all youth activities organized across the country. It will also accessible to the public; from now on everyone will be able to see what is being done for young people in this nation, such as workshops, training, events, campaigns, etc. Furthermore it will allow the SSYS's officials to monitor the process made on the implementation of the new National Youth Policy. And finally, all development partners will be able to use it to better plan what to organize for youth, in each municipality.

The next plans are UNFPA will support the development of user guide on how to use the database system. Then follow by the training to SSYS staff and youth centers on how to enter the data into the system. Additionally, the information about this new website will be disseminated to all public and different youth organization. And finally, a reflection group will be organized within SSYS to brainstorm on how to best use this new data for better programming of SSYS programmes. END

UNFPA Timor-Leste entrega sistema baze de dadus kona-ba programa Juventude ba Sekretaria do Estadu ba Juventude no Desportu (SEJD)

Iha loron Sexta, 12 Agusto 2016, iha okaziaun Loron Internasional ba Juventude, Dr. Domingas Bernardo (Assistant Representante UNFPA) entrega sistema baze de dadus ba Sr. Metodio Caetano Moniz (Direitor Jeral SEJD). Seremonia nee halao iha eskritoriu SEJD, Bidau Lecidere. Atividade barak relasiona ho juventude maka planea, organiza no implementa husi sentru juventude iha rai laran ho kolaborasaun ho parseirus sira, maibe laiha sistema online ida maka bele rai no fornese information ba SEJD, parseirus no publiku sira kona-ba saida maka halao tiha ona no planu ba futuru nian. Nee duni bazea ba proposta husi SEJD maka dezenvolve sistema baze de dadus no presija fulan rua atu finaliza ida nee.

Benefisiu ida husi sistema baze de dadus maka sistema nee bele uza atu monitoriza atividades hotu nebe maka organiza husi juventude sira iha Timor laran tomak. Publiku bele asesu no hahu agora ema hotu hare atividades saida deit maka halao ba juventude iha nasaun laran, hanesan sorumuto, treinamentu, eventus, kampanya no sira seluk tan. Nunee mos fo tempu ba ofisiais SEJD sira atu monitoriza prosesu hotu nebe maka halao ona kona-ba implementasaun Politika Nasional ba Juventude. No ikus liu parseirus dezenvolvimentu sira bele uza sistema nee atu bele halo planu nebe diak ba juventude, liu-liu iha kada munisipiu.

Planu tuir maka UNFPA sei suporta dezenvolvimentu manual usariu oinsa atu uza sistema nee. Tuir kedas ho treinamentu ba ofisiais SEJD and sentru juventude sira oinsa atu hatama dadus ba sistema. Nunee mos, informasaun sira kona-ba sistema baze de dadus foun nee sei disemina ba publiku no organizasaun sira seluk. No finalmente sei organiza grupo refleksaun iha SEJD rasik atu fahe ideas kona-ba oinsa maka uza sistema baze de dadus foun nee atu halo planu nebe diak liu kona-ba programa SEJD nian. REMATA