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Launch of the Leaving No Youth Behind In Timor-leste Policy Briefs
Data are vital to sustainable development. Behind every number are the stories of real people, including the most vulnerable. Today (20/04/2018), The UN in Timor-Leste together with NGO Belun launched key Policy Briefs on Leaving No Youth Behind!
The policy briefs aims to inform the #dutybearers in Timor-Leste on the situation of youth, the #rightsholders, who are likely to be most #vulnerable. The policy briefs launched today describe the situation of many young people, and call for #urgentactions to improve their present and future lives.  
The 5 themes of the policy briefs are:
1. LGBTI Youth
2. Youth Migrants
3. Youth NEETS (Youth Neither in Education, Employment or Training)
4. Youth with Disability
5. Young Female Farmers 
Dadus mak buat ne'ebé importante tebes ba dezenvolvimentu sustentável. Númeru ida-idak iha istória kona-ba ema real, inklui hirak ne’ebé vulnerável liu. 
Ohin (20/04/2018), ajénsia ONU sira  iha Timor-Leste hamutuk ho NGO Belun lansa tiha ona peskiza xave Rezumu Polítika xave  konaba La Husik Juventude iha Kotuk! Rezumu polítika nia objektivu mak atu informa ukun-nain (#dutybearers) sira iha Timor-Leste kona-ba situasaun joventude, , ne'ebé mak bele sai #vulnerable liu. Rezumu polítika ne'ebé lansa ohin loron ne’e haktuir situasaun kona-ba foinsa’e barak, no  bolu atu halo  #asaunurjente (#urgentaction) atu hadi'a sira-nia moris ba loron-ohin nian nomos ba futuru.
 Tema 5 rezumu polítika ida-ne'e mak tuir mai:
 1.  Joventude LGBTI.
2. Joventude Migrante sira 
3. Joventude NEETS (Joven sirane’ebé La iha Edukasaun, Empregu ka Formasaun) 
4. Joven sira ho Defisiénsia 
5. Feto jovenAgrikultór sira.