Individual Consultant


20 April 2018

Dili, Timor Leste



TERMS OF REFERENCE  (to be completed by Hiring Office)

Hiring Office:

UNFPA Timor-Leste

Purpose of consultancy:

To organize a training workshop on monitoring and evaluation for the National Council for Youth in Timor-Leste


According to the National Youth Policy, the National Council for Youth in Timor-Leste (CNJTL) has the responsibility to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the Policy on a regular basis. In order to make sure the members of CNJTL have the technical capacity to undertake this work, the present consultancy proposes to conduct training for them.

Scope of work:


(Description of services, activities, or outputs)

The consultant will organize the M&E training for CNJTL members, developing the content and delivering it.

The consultant is expected to present an outline of training and exercises (Inception report) before the commencement of this training.

The training language is Tetum to 30 CNJTL members, all Timorese nationals. No previous knowledge of M&E is to be expected from participants.

The training should be very practical with a lot of exercises and use the National Youth Policy, the draft National Action Plan for Youth and the plan M&E Framework for the NAP as training material.

Duration and working schedule:

The training should be for 5 days. However, there will be additional 2 days for the preparatory time and another 3 days for compiling the report on the training and results achieved and send to UNFPA. UNFPA will cover the cost for 10 days only.

Place where services are to be delivered:

The training will be delivered in Dili.

Delivery dates and how work will be delivered (e.g. electronic, hard copy etc.):

Planned delivery dates are from 17 – 25 May 2018. Training will be delivered face to face.

Monitoring and progress control, including reporting requirements, periodicity format and deadline:

  • The consultant is expected to liaise with UNFPA, CNJTL and SSYL during the preparatory time to make sure what is prepared is according to what is needed.
  • After the training, the consultant is expected to write a report on the training delivery and the results achieved.

Supervisory arrangements:

The consultant will be hired by UNFPA and supervised by the National Director of Youth (Secretary State for Youth and Labor).

Expected travel:


Required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in population studies, demography, statistics, anthropology, public health, youth studies, social policy, ethnology, sociology or other relevant field.  
  • Solid expertise in monitoring and evaluation
  • Fluency in English and Tetum (Both written and oral)
  • 3 – 5 year experience in planning, developing and delivering M&E trainings for various audiences
  • Previous experience in training, capacity building or mentoring
  • Good communication skills, cultural sensitivity, flexibility and easy to work with people
  • prior knowledge about Timor-Leste National Youth Policy would be an advantage

Inputs / services to be provided by UNFPA



  • Other relevant information or special conditions, if any:
  • Candidates are expected to send
  • CVs
  • P11
  • An application letter, stating their interest, highlighting their expertise and mentioning their daily consultancy rates to or
  • Deadline of submission of application is 20 April 2018

Signature of Requesting Officer in Hiring Office:


Mr. Ronny Lindstrom                                                                                                      Date: